Vision & Mission


Our vision

Serbian Supply Chain Professionals Association is recognized and well-known leading organization as well as platform for development and interchange of good practice and contacts in Supply Chain field in Serbia and region.


Our mission

We strive to establish and develop our organization so it could meet all expectations of its members as well as give prime support to development of our profession and to the other interested persons and institutions.


Our core values

  • We are dedicated to give support and assistance in growth to all our members.
  • Ethics and integrity of the profession.
  • Development and inovations.
  • Informing and connecting.


Our goals

  • Connecting of professional individuals in order to excange knowledge and skills and achieve overall improvement
  • Continuous education and specialization of members of Associattion, as well as all interested subjects
  • Empowering of integrity and significance of Supply Chain in regard to growth of overall economy status of both Republic of Serbia and its business organizations
  • Being proactive in the procedure of regulation of the profession, especially areas that are relevant for improving business environment and sustainable ecenomic growth
  • Establishing regional cooperation with associations having similar oriented goals and activities
  • Supporting all other associations and clusters for the sake of promotion of Supply Chain


Our key activities

  • Collect and interpret of scientific and tehnical literature from the Supply Chain field
  • Organize conferences, seminars, professional meetings and other forms of education, independently or in cooperation with other associations
  • Publish articles, analysis and other forms from the fields of management and Supply Chain, in the form of the newsletters an white paper, web sites and magazines
  • Cooperate with Government, Department of inspection, Chamber of commerce and all other institutions of importance for the Supply Chain
  • Participate in sharing ideas and informations significant for the development of the profession, in Serbia as well as in the region
  • Support and enabling advanced training of members of Association
  • Encourage the excange of experiences from practice and develop expertize concerning the Supply Chain
  • Networking
  • Provide advisory and tehnical support to business organization.