Serbian Supply Chain Professionals Association

In accordance with the provisions of Articles 11 and 12 of the Law on Associations (“Službeni glasnik“ no. 51/09) at the founding assembly held on 03.06.2016.godine in Novi Sad, was established


Scope of achieving goals

Article 1

Serbian Supply Chain Professionals Association (hereinafter: Association) is non-governmental and non-profit association, founded for an indefinite period of time to achieve objectives in the areas of Supply Chain: Integrated Business Planning, Procurement, Logistics and Production, as well as the education of managers in the field of Supply Chain.


Article 2

The Association shall pursue the following aims:

  • Connecting of professional individuals in order to excange knowledge and skills and achieve overall  improvement
  • Continuous education and specialization of members of Associattion, as well as all interested subjects
  • Empowering of integrity and significance of Supply Chain in regard to growth of overall economy status of both Republic of Serbia and its business organizations
  • Being proactive in the procedure of regulation of the profession, especially areas that are relevant for improving business environment and sustainable ecenomic growth
  • Establishing regional cooperation with associations having similar oriented goals and activities
  • Supporting all other associations and clusters for the sake of promotion of Supply Chain

Article 3

To achieve its goals the Association shall primarily:

  • Collect and interpret of scientific and tehnical literature from the Supply Chain field
  • Organize conferences, seminars professional meetings and other forms of education, independently or in cooperation with other associations
  • Publish articles, analysis and other forms from the fields of management and Supply Chain, in the form of the newsletters an white paper, web sites and magazines
  • Cooperate with Government, Department of inspection, Chamber of commerce and all other institutions of importance for the Supply Chain
  • Participate in sharing ideas and informations significant for the development of the profession, in Serbia as well as in the region
  • Support and enabling advanced training of members of Association
  • Encourage the excange of experiences from practice and develop expertize concerning the Supply Chain
  • Networking
  • Provide advisory and tehnical support to business organization

Name and headquarters

Article 4.

The name of the organization is Serbian Supply Chain Professionals Association.

The official address of the Association is Novi Sad, Narodnog Fronta 73

The Association realizes its activity on the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

Therms and methods of admission and termination of the membership

Article 5.

Member of the Association may be any person nominated by any two members of the Association, who accepts the goals and Statute of Association and submit an application for the membership to the Management Board of the Association.

Article 6.

The decision on the membership is adopted by the Management Board who shall immediately notify the applicant.

A member may withdraw from membership by giving a written statement of resignation.

Membership in the Association may be terminated due to long inactivity of member, non-compliance with the provisions of this Statute or due to violating reputation of the Association.

The decision on termination of membership is adopted by the Management Board.

A member must be enabled to explain the reasons for which it submitted a proposal for a decision on the termination of his membership in the Association.

Rights, obligations and responsibilities of the members

Article 7.

Member of the Association is entitled to:

  • participate in achieving the objectives of the Association, equally with other members 
  • directly participate in decision making at the Assembly, as well as through the bodies of the Association
  • elect and be elected to organs of the Association
  • be in a timely manner and fully informed about the work and activities of the Association
  • give suggestions, opinions and objections to the work of the Association

Member is obliged to:

  • actively contribute to achieving the objectives of of the Association
  • comply with the provisions of the Statute of the Association and other general and individual acts and policies of the Association
  • participate, in line with interest, in the activities of the Association
  • preserves and enhances the reputation of Association
  • spread the idea and objectives of the Association
  • regularly pay the membership fee
  • perform other tasks entrusted by the Management  Board.

Internal organization

Article 8.

Bodies of the Association are the Assembly, the Management Board and President of the Association.

Article 9.

The Assembly of the Association consists of all its members.

The Assembly meets regularly once a year. Extraordinary session of the Assembly can be scheduled on a reasoned recommendation of the Board, as well as the initiative of at least one third of the members of the Assembly. The initiative is submitted to to the Management Board in writing and it must specify the issues which should be considered.

Assembly session convened by the President of the Association, by written notice of the time and place of the Assembly and the draft agenda. The session is chaired by a person who is, by public vote, elected at the beginning of the session.

The invitation for the meeting and the draft agenda are sent via email and other means of information.

The Assebbly:

  • Develop the plan and program of work
  • Adopts the Statute and later amendments to the Statute
  • Adopt other general acts of the Association
  • Appoint and dismiss members of the Management Board as well as Chairman of the Board, nominated by the other members of the Management Board
  • Consider and adopt, at least once a year, the report of the Management Board
  • Consider and adopt the financial plan and report
  • Decide on status changes and termination of the association,
  • Decides on joining of the Association in federations and other associations in the country and abroad

The Assembly brings a fully fledged decision if at least one third of the members are present at the meeting.

The right to vote in the Assembly have only members who have regularly paid their membership fee for the current year.

The Assembly decides by majority vote of the members present.

For the decision on amendments to the Statute, statutory changes and termination of the Association requires a two-thirds majority vote of members present.

Article 10.

The Management Board is the executive body of the Association, which ensures the implementation of the objectives of the association which are established in this Statute and shall meet at least 2 times a year.

The Management Board has 5 members, elected and recalled by the Assembly.

The mandate of the Management Board lasts for 1 year and may be re-elected to the same position.

The Management Board  makes a proposal for the President to the Assembly of the Association, which shall make a final decision.

The Supervisory Board controls the financial operations of the Association and, without delay, inform the Board of Directors about any noted irregularities.

The Supervisory Board has three members elected by the Assembly. The mandate of the Supervisory Board members lasts for 1 year and may be re-elected.

The Supervisory Board reports on every session of the Assembly.

Article 11.

President of the Association represents Association in legal actions and has the rights and duties of financial principal and President of the Management Board.

Article 12.

Management board

  • Cooperate with the President of the Association in the managing of the Association between two sessions of the Assembly and makes decisions to achieve the objectives of the Association
  • Organize regular activities of the Association
  • Assigns specific tasks to individual members
  • Makes decisions of financial nature
  • Decide to initiate the procedure for amending the Statute, on its own initiative or at the request of at least five members of the Association and prepare a proposal of the amendments and submitte it to the Assembly for adoption
  •  Decide to initiate the procedure for compensation of damage in cases under Article 25, paragraph 2 of the Law on Associations and, if necessary, determines a special representative of the Association for that procedure
  • Decide on other matters for which are not, by law or by Statute, authorized other bodies of the Association.

The Management Board shall make valid decisions in the presence of a simple majority, a decision will be made by a majority vote of all members present.

Achieving of transparency

Article 13.

The work of the Association is public.

The Management Board shall timely inform members and the public about the work and activities of the Association, directly or through internal publications, or through press releases, or in any other appropriate manner.

The annual accounts and reports on the activities of the Association shall be submitted to the members of the Association on the Assembly session.

Article 14.

In order to achieve its objectives the Association establishes contacts and cooperation with other associations and organizations at home and abroad.

The Association may join international associations, as decided by the Assembly.

The manner of acquiring financial resource for the realization of the objectives and available resources

Article 15.

The Association raises funds through membership fees, voluntary contributions, organization of events, donations and gifts, financial subsidies and other legally permitted manner.

The Association raises funds by doing economic activity 9412: Activities of professional organizations.

The Association can start with a direct pursuit of this activity only upon the registration in the Register of Business Entities.

The profit realized in the way explained in this Article may be used exclusively for achieving the goals of the Association, including the costs of the regular work of the Association and their own participation in the financing of certain projects.

The annual membership fee is 50 EUR in RSD equivalent paid in a bank account of the Association.

Dissolution of the Association

Article 16.

The Association shall terminate its work with the decision adopted by the Assembly, when the conditions for achieving the goals of the Association are disappear, and in other situations prescribed by law.

Handling the assets of the Association in the event of dissolution of the Associations

Article 17.

In the event of termination of work, property of the Association shall be transferred to local non-profit legal entity established to achieve the same or similar objectives, respectively the Assembly will determine which assets are transferred in accordance with the law.

Appearance and content of the stamp

Article 18.

The Association has a stamp of circular shape on which is inscribed: Serbian Supply Chain Professionals Association, Novi Sad.

Confidentiality of information

Article 19.

All information and data on business operations of business companies in which the employees are members of the Association or with whom they have a business relationship are confidential.

Article 20.

On all issues that are not regulated by this Statute will directly apply provisions of the Law on Associations.

Article 21.

This Statute shall come into force on the day of its adoption at founding assembly of the Association.


Chairman of the Founding Assembly of the Association

Goran Popović