Leadership in Procurement

Zagreb, 13.10.2016


Croatian Association of Procurement HUND successfully organized the 11th Conference about  Leadership in Procurement. 

Goran Popovic and Željko Dudić ahead of Serbian Supply Chain Professional Association (SSCPA)   , on HUND`s president -Mirela Senice call , actively participated at the conference and round table.



Text taken from the web site HUND::

How to define leadership in an environment where management has not recognized the importance of procurement, asked Drasko Jelavic, founder of the consulting firm Cirtuo, roundtable participants about leadership in procurement, which is the slogan of the 11th Conference.

- Procurement directors role and job doesn’t depend on whether CEO realizes how important his role or not , responded Jasmina Malnar, director of works procurement Croatian Telekom. Co-founder and President of the Association of Slovenian Purchasing (ZNS), Marina Lindič explained that the strategic position of procurement does not differ much in Slovenia and Croatia. Her opinion is that the heads of procurement and associations tasked to raise the reputation of the profession and by their good examples shows that the Procurement department may contribute a lot to the good results of the company.

In addition to their work, the leaders are making changes with their personality and attitude, by Gjane Bekić opinion , director of procurement Franck. They should joint leadership and managerial skills.

- I disagree with my colleague Miletic that there is a difference between managers and leaders. I think it is very important that in their everyday role of the manager is the leader. Everyone in this room is in a situation that overnight he went into a leadership role and moves from operational to the tactical function without preparation because of fire-fighting mode. The task of any leader is to organize a team, leaving his control and not to be a control freak. That is the only way to develop people from operational to tactic task, said the director of procurement Franck.

Agreed with her Goran Popović, Brewery Manager at Heineken Serbia, add that leaders are responsible to create team work and inspirational environment.

- Everybody is looking for leadership when a huge procedure does not give results, but actually it is about creating an environment. Leader should be able to focus resources and simplified tasks. It is important to identify the priorities, as frequently goes into firefighting mode if the long-term priorities are not addressed seriously and on time, said Popovic.

There is tasks for Leadership exactly where there are a lots of obstacles and business constraints, believes Ana Miletic, head of strategic consulting company Selectio.

- Leadership is the most tested when there are obstacles because then the leader must find a way to communicate a message and see the possibilities beyond those barriers. This is where the strength, enthusiasm and ability must be shown. I think it is normal that every profession wants to be in the management of the company recognized as their contribution.

Transformation of Procurement

Transforming Procurement is considered as further development from operational to tactical skills and competences of team. It is a process in which, in addition to achieving the preconditions, such as knowledge of market needs, developing strategies, active risk management and suppliers, it is necessary to have a true, high-quality, future-oriented leaders.

Transformation , by opinions of the participants of the roundtable , takes place primarily within the leaders, and then transferred to the entire team changes.

- Leader changing mindset in your team. He starts to think differently and transmits it further so team members change the same way of thinking, said Ana Miletic. Gjana Bekić said that full transformation is seen as the mobilization of a team in which right people end up in the right positions and do what they were expected.

Jasmina Malnar from HT shows that the role of leaders is to recognize their people, their strengths and weaknesses, and to connect them with the internal users which need majority of their competences.

- Tools will not replace people contribution, they are important here, but this transformation is about people.

- The transformation generally occurs in people. People make differences. A key resource is the people. Leaders should spend more time with people , lead and coach them. The most beautiful experience is when from someone who was not aware of its ability you create successful person and team member. Leader first work on themselves and start changes/improvement through themselves to environment concluded Goran Popović.